Black Limo Hire

Time does not stand still and nothing is certain except death and taxes. A sign of the times is the changing of the guard in Nepal. Two weeks after a special assembly abolished the 239-year-old Hindu monarchy and formally declared the country a republic, Nepal's ousted King Gyanendra swept out of his sprawling official palace in a black limousine - for the last time.

Gyanendra took over as king in 2001 after the death of his more popular brother and many of his family in a royal massacre, which he said was a time of 'overwhelming grief', and was ousted after a specially elected assembly voted to abolish the monarchy. In the end, royal rule failed to rescue Nepal from civil war and economic decline, leading instead to street protests and ultimately his demise.

As he left the pink, pagoda-roofed Narayanhiti palace in the heart of Kathmandu in his limousine, on his way to a hunting lodge just outside the capital, it was hard not to feel a little bit sorry for Nepal's deposed King Gyanendra. Driving past hundreds of onlookers, Gyanendra looked composed in his protective limousine, despite the fact that some were chanting slogans against him.

While King Gyanendra has left in his limousine, another limousine, a now-rusting car given to the King of Nepal by Adolf Hitler is among the more unlikely items that will fill a museum being established in the palace once occupied by the Hindu Kingdom's former royal family. The 1939 model Mercedes-Benz was donated by the Nazi leader to King Tribhuvan, the grandfather of the last of Nepal's monarchs, King Gyanendra.

According to history, a lot of effort went into getting the car to Kathmandu when it was gifted to King Tribhuvan in 1940. Due to the fact that there were no proper roads in the country, scores of labourers carried the heavy vehicle for several days from Nepal's southern plains to the capital city. The then king regularly used the car as a royal limousine until his death in 1955.

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