Pink Limos Arent Just For Hens

pink limos are still relatively new in the industry compared to their white, black and silver cousins but this doesn't mean that a pink limo isn't just what your next limo ride needs. While pink limos are popular with hen's night parties because of their obviously girly appearance, this doesn't mean you can't hire a pink limo on any other day.

A pink limo is a great way to have a girly day out for a special reason or for no reason at all. Pink limos are also not only pink on the outside, but the interior upholstery, leather and lighting will match the exterior pink theme so that you and the people outside can enjoy the unique colours.

You may choose to hire a pink limo for a girls shopping trip as there will be plenty of room for all of your shopping bags, all of your friends and the pink limo ride will get you all in the mood for a girly day at the mall.

Or you might like to hire a limo as a surprise birthday present for your daughter who can choose a group of friends to go for a pink birthday party ride as a pink limo ride is something your daughter will always remember and it will be the best (and easiest to organise) birthday party ever. You can also hire a limo for an older girls birthday, even as a special treat for your mum on her birthday. She can then choose to go wherever she wants in her pink limo and enjoy being the centre of attention.

A pink limo also makes a great addition to a wedding car convoy as it contrasts stunningly to the white of the bridal car and it may even match the colours you chose for your bridesmaids. Even if you don't have pink bridesmaids dresses, the girls will still love riding in their own pink limo, and so will the groomsmen if they know what's good for them!