School Proms - Underage Prom...

So prom night's approaching and you want to leave school with a bang right? But of course you are underage and all of the clubs and pubs in the area will have been alerted that there is a high school prom on, and to look twice at all IDs. So since you are too young to go out clubbing after your prom, you are probably considering going to one of the after parties which is being organised after the prom is over, but do you really want to spend the last night of your school years with all of your class, or just your close friends?

Instead of wasting your time being turned away from every nightclub in town, or spending the night at the house of an obscure classmate who has also allowed all sorts of weird gatecrashers in, you need to make sure your prom limo can stay on after you have been picked up, as your own private, mobile after party.

Your prom limo hire is likely to come in blocks of time and so if you hire the limo for the minimum hire time which is usually three or four hours, this gives you and your closest friends plenty of time to celebrate the end of school.

You can ask that your prom limo has a fully stocked bar when it returns to pick you up and stocking the bar with soft drinks and snacks will not add a lot to the hire price. Also make sure you and your friends bring your favourite songs as while the limo may have some CDs you like, there is nothing like having your whole MP3 collection to get the party started.

Also, since you are not at a party at someone else's house, there are no parents, neighbours or strange guests you have to worry about and you can enjoy the music, the drinks and the ever-changing view with only the people you choose. Plus, because your parents will know you are safe in the limo with the chauffeur the entire time, they may even chip in a pay for some of the extra hire time to keep you all safe.